Our Stop Shop is a family owned Black economic empowerment education company. A team made up of investors also holding licenses in life insurance, real estate, CDL and professional training in credit, education, with an extensive background working in event/experimental marketing and the performing arts. Our Stop Shop equips the Black community with education, opportunities and resources for development, progression, and economic empowerment through our F.A.C.T.S business model"


Financial services/education - Affordable products - Consults &Credit education/services - Travel accommodations - Staffing services

At one point, every founding member of our team were in a similar predicament to you. We had no clue just how much we didn't know that we didn't know. We were doing what every personal point of reference implied was the only way to progress "pulling ourselves up by our bootstraps and working even harder".

BUT when we began to learn different things, that shifted that belief system on its axis. We got our CDL license and learned the numerous opportunities that having the license availed access to without your criminal record, financial state, or family upbringing being a factor.

We added a real estate license to the equation and the number of ways real estate could be utilized both actively or passively for financial progress were so life altering.

Along the way we received a number of professional trainings in credit both personal and as it relates to business. This information completely changed the trajectory of our lives and drastically improved the timeline of progress made in our LIVES.

We saw it all in our journeys:

  • Several years of IDENTITY THEFT
  • BILLS/COLLECTIONS on credit reports for accounts opened by other people without our consent/awareness

We fixed it all and gained access to hundred of thousands of dollars in credit.

Funniest thing was getting approved for that first $1,800 credit card and having to lock a few of the team's cards away in a safe. That was the first ever approval on a credit card of that amount to spend however needed. Took 4 months for the hype to wear off. By time the $10k-$20k+ approvals started happening the "broke mindset" was a distant memory. It was all about strategy implementing by then.

Learning how credit truly works made it crystal clear how someone like Trump could go bankrupt 6 times and still be a millionaire. Also as well as what leverage credit gives you without ever having to touch the money in your bank account.

After heavily investing and helping others through a number of methods and leveraging credit to build financial progress sustainably. We didn't stop there! We added a Life insurance license to our team. We wanted to help put an end to the crowdfunding for funeral arrangement culture in our community. We've lived it and KNOW that depending on the mercy of strangers just to bury your loved one is something nobody should have to endure in mourning. But in learning about life insurance more intricately, we also learned the plethora of ways life insurance could be used as a tool for wealth building while still alive both personally or professionally.

All of these sources of knowledge made us more determined to make our community aware of it!


Text "Masterclass" to 1-833-821-5275 to join our Free 11 Money Saving and Income Generating Hacks Masterclass
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